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Synlio manages your RFPs. You focus on what matters — your

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Rapid RFPs

Use Synlio templates, thousands of expert questions, and an intuitive form builder to create best in class RFPs.

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Manage Providers

We manage all your provider contacts, automatically follow up on your RFPs, and offer the worlds finest provider network.

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Compare Proposals

Synlio ensures providers answer your questions for simple apples-to-apples proposal comparisons!

Simple Pricing

No surprises.

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Full RFP Functionality

Email support

Live chat support

Turbo RFP*

Vendor Insights*

Third party integration

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Take command of your RFPs

Synlio reports all provider activity to you so you know what is happening with every proposal. Tell our software how to handle your RFP and then watch it happen.

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Easy to understand Proposals.

Traditional proposal comparison is labor intensive. Synlio makes it effortless!

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Get the answers you need.

Providers are required to answer your specific questions.

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Compare proposals instantly.

The Synlio comparison matrix reveals differences proposals.

Information for the companies that are offering for the bidding process

RFPs Reimagined™
Enhance your business!

Synlio adds transparency to your operations and ensures continuity as employees come and go.

RFP audit logging

100% data retention

Conversation history

Optional sealed RFPs

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Synlio is about people.

Our customers have seen first hand how Synlio has re-imagined RFPs. We're proud to have a passionate user community.

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“Synlio has made our entire bid process so much better that not only have we saved a ton of time and money, we couldn't live without it.

Jim Small
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"Synlio has been a huge time saver for our management team."

David Verwer

"Property Managers need tools that provide time saving efficiencies and a competitive advantage. Synlio does just that. By automating a manual process, you speed the delivery of a winning proposal to a client, getting work done on your property faster. The comparative analysis report provides an objective comparison of certified vendor responses that the Board can use to make sound decisions quickly"

Cat Carmichael
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"Synlio RFP templates are a real time saver. [Synlio RFP] cuts down on cycle time through automation and produces a professional summary, branded with our company colors and logo, that we can confidently put in front of our customers."

Kregg Hale
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Synlio can help.

Synlio saves businesses time and money by automating tedious manual process and giving property managers the best tools available to solve the RFP problem.


Man hours saved

$ Million

In RFP Volume


Providers verified in network


Can I invite my own providers?

Of course. We never interfere in your business relationships and your providers pay nothing to work with you through the Synlio platform when you invite them to participate in an RFP.


What do providers get?

Synlio interacts with providers via email and text messages, mostly. We reach out when RFPs become available and we follow up when necessary to remind providers of looming due dates. Providers have a dedicated web application which allows them to review and respond to RFPs.


Will my RFP data be safe?

Your data is your data. We will never disclose it or sell it. We use end-to-end encryption and strong user permissions to keep you and your data safe. Synlio is in the software services business not the data business. You are our customer not our product.


Can I customize my RFP?

Yes. You retain full control over your RFPs on the Synlio platform. Add your content, ask your questions, attach your files, and talk to your providers. We are here to help not to get in your way.

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