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Alyx Lunceford

Director of Provider Accounts

Key Experience

I have spent time at several big companies and each have taught me valuable lessons both personally and professionally. My biggest passion is helping businesses and people grow. I believe that people are what makes the world go round and if I can help them make their business great at the same time I improve mine - all the better!

Best Thing About Being at Synlio

It's awesome to be part of a team that is shaping an industry, making a difference in the field and helping streamline processes. I feel like a liberator - I free people from spending money and not getting results, from spending time chasing things that won't eventually affect their bottom line.

Best TV Show Not Enough People Saw

FIREFLY! I grew up watching Star Wars and Star Trek - both great franchises but FireFly is kind of the in between of what happens from our time to the time Star Trek kicks in. It's the story of rebels against the establishment - space pirates and buccaneers with a captain that is every bit as cunning as Han Solo - Malcolm Reynolds (played by the cheeky Nathan Fillion) uses whit, cunning, and plain old luck to navigate a post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe. It's a series that really makes you wish more episodes were made.   

Favorite Shade of Blue

Cerulean Blue - it was my favorite color crayon when I was a kid, but it only came in the 96 color it was a rare commodity growing up. It’s just a really nice smooth combo of a blue heavy blue-green. 

Favorite Ice Cream

Romeo and Julietta - It's a Brazilian flavor that I have not been able to find in the US. It is a butter cream ice cream with ribbons of Goiabada (a guava based slice-able jelly) and small chunks of mozzarella cheese. It sounds really strange but the salty cheese with the sweet jelly and the creamy ice cream really work beautifully.  

Outside of Synlio

I am a huge culinary and history nerd. If I am not cooking something, I am researching ancient methods of cooking and ancient recipes. It's my personal opinion that much of the art of cuisine has been lost over time with the invention of TV dinners and frozen food. I want to get back to the time when food was a passion - both the making and the eating. I love to make my own bread (haven't bought a loaf of commercial bread in over 4 years) I cure and smoke my own meats (bacon, hams, prosciutto, salami, etc) and ferment my own cheese...I LOVE the art of charcuterie. Hand crafted foods really rev my engine.