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Chris Pilson

Junior Software Engineer

Key Experience

My misspent youth learning about how physical, electrical, and human systems work instilled an insatiable curiosity and an indomitable passion for learning and exploring. I look to build, extend, and support systems that connect people.

Best Thing About Being at Synlio

The team demonstrates outstanding technical prowess while being approachable and encouraging. Kindness and consideration are an integral part of the culture.

Best TV Show Not Enough People Saw

"Dead Like Me," which ran for two interesting seasons and then vanished. Sadly, "Quantum Leap" was too popular to include here.

Favorite Shade of Blue

#4682B4 ("Steel Blue")

Favorite Ice Cream

Pistachio gelato.

Outside of Synlio

I think and drink tea and coffee. I am intensely curious about reading and the human visual system and its intersection with language. I also have a passion for general aviation and flight simulation. Next in my hardware project queue is building a faithful replica of a common COMM/NAV radio using PCBs, SMD components, an ATmega 32U4 microcontroller, and a 3D printer.