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Kyle Cartmell


Key Experience

I spent many years working in public-facing technical support roles where I learned how to solve complicated problems I knew nothing about while keeping upset customers from becoming enraged customers. This experience instilled in me a strong desire for quality in software and an understanding that at the end of the day great code is worthless if it doesn't take care of the end user.

Best Thing About Being at Synlio

Our team is just great. We're fairly aggressive about finding people who are self-motivated, talented, and kind. Everyone is here for the right reasons.

Best TV Show Not Enough People Saw

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Favorite Shade of Blue

A Hooloovoo.

Favorite Ice Cream

Mint Coffee

Outside of Synlio

I spend a lot of time playing Mario Kart with my two sons, watching X-Files with my wife, and studying my favorite Magic: The Gathering deck, modern lantern control. I have a passion for Asian cuisine and I am quite proud of my from-scratch yellow curry. My ongoing project to build a working NES cartridge and learn some 6502 assembler is challenging but entertaining. I'm a big nerd.