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Oliver Keller


Key Experience

I've started and partnered in several companies, some successful exits and some that I call the tuition to the entrepreneurial experience. My focus has never been just about the bottom line, but to build a company culture of performance-based teams in a place where creativity and opinions are not only encouraged, but matter. Trust and respect are the cornerstones in a company’s ability to reach beyond what was thought to be possible.

Best Thing About Being at Synlio

It's the people and culture that are Synlio. These individuals are our version of Seal Team Six-- the elite group laser-focused and a unit of one. This team is my why and I am proud to be a part of their passion and vision. Or maybe it’s just that I am exposed to the finer aspects of Asian foods and Rick and Morty, thanks to Kyle.

Best TV Show Not Enough People Saw

Firefly. Yes, I am a sci-fi guy at heart. It's like Star Trek only more modern, exciting and it stars the guy from Castle, which I only watched because of Kate Beckett, who by the way looks like my gorgeous wife...but I digress.

Favorite Shade of Blue

Blue-ish, so any variance of it. Just ask my wife and look at my closet.

Favorite Ice Cream

I am really more of a gelato kind of a guy. Salted caramel and coffee are my favs.

Outside of Synlio

I love long motorcycle rides. I find it relaxing as all senses are engaged and one is so present and in the now, without the tech distractions of every day. Travel with my wife, good food and wine, and sharing laughter with friends while out trying new restaurants. Tennis for fitness and on weekends playing with my furry kids and human children. Soccer is still my game and Manchester United is still THE TEAM.